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8 months of ACR storage without the use of 1-MCP

In South Africa, several pears (Pachman triumph and Forel) have been stored for 8 months in a 100% natural way this year. No post-harvest treatments were used during storage. The pears were taken out of the cells on 26-10-2020 with a very good result, considering the internal and external colour and taste.


Previously, 1-MCP was used to inhibit ethylene production (ripening) for as long as possible.

By using the advanced control of respiration storage system (ACR), the system could achieve extremely low oxygen percentages during storage. As a result, they no longer need to apply post-harvest treatments and thus also be able to slow down the ripening process in a natural way, both during and after storage. this is important to ensure that the quality is preserved to the consumer.


The equipment used for the ACR Storage System responds to the physiological condition of the fruit in the cell and then automatically adjusts the storage conditions accordingly (storage, based on product response). Oxygen percentages of less than 1% are no problem because the oxygen concentration will be immediately amended if it threatens to get too low.

Because the pears can be stored under extremely low oxygen levels, ethylene development (ripening) could be significantly inhibited, so that even without the use of 1-MCP an equally good result could be achieved naturally.

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