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Controlled Atmosphere

Fruits and vegetables breathe ('respire'); they take in oxygen (O 2 ) and give off carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). By storing fruit and vegetables in a gas-tight space, the oxygen content in the air is reduced and the CO 2 content rises . Long-term storage of fruit and vegetables actually comes down to preventing ripening and aging, so that taste and quality are preserved. In fact, the ripening is postponed. And this is done by adjusting the gas conditions in the cold store, so that the respiration of fruit and vegetables is strongly inhibited.

Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) and Controlled Atmosphere (CA) are the storage techniques in which the oxygen content is reduced and CO 2 is usually increased. The quality and freshness of fruit & vegetables are preserved under Controlled Atmosphere without the use of chemical agents. Many products can be stored 2 to 4 times longer under CA conditions.

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