Demande d'offre

Trainee spray painting department

During your internship, you will mainly work in the spray painting department, under the guidance of an internship supervisor who will teach you all the tricks of the trade. during this period you will be engaged in filling boilers, spraying frames, boilers and machine parts in various colors.


Has the following competencies

  • Collaboration and collegiality
  • Team player
  • Passion for his field
  • Punctuality


Purpose of the internship

As an intern, you will have a great opportunity to gain work experience and develop your skills in a team. You can also show that you may also be of value to our company after your internship!


Specific tasks

  • Preparatory work such as sanding, making grease-free and priming products;
  • Pre-treatment of the topcoat and spraying the topcoat;
  • Filling the boilers with activated carbon according to a fixed method;
  • Monitor operation of sprayers;
  • Cleaning and cleaning the spray booth and workshop;