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Onion storage

The prohibition of important sprout inhibitors

Within the EU, it has been stipulated that more and more sprout inhibitors must be banned, including the widely used sprout inhibitor named Maleine hydrazide and Chlorpropham. In addition to banning, fewer and fewer new sprout inhibitors are registered within the EU. This forces many growers to find a suitable alternative in the short term to prevent the quality of the onion from deteriorating.

(CA) Controlled Atmosphere / (ULO) Ultra-low oxygen storage of onions

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) is a much researched and proven technique that naturally inhibits onion germination and minimizes loss of quality during storage. Controlled Atmosphere storage can create optimal storage conditions for onions. Onion respiration is reduced by decreasing the O2 percentage within the cell, increasing the amount of CO2, controlling the (RH) relative humidity and automatically adjusting the temperature. Due to the sophisticated storage condition within the cell, sprouting is prevented and the loss of quality is minimized. This allows your onions to be stored for a longer period by maintaining the highest quality, which contributes to a better continuity.

The optimal storage conditions for your onions

The optimal storage conditions of onions are very difficult to determine. Because these conditions are very dependent on the type of onion, country and sometimes even the region where the onions are produced. It is therefore important for Van Amerongen to come into contact with you in order to find out the optimal storage conditions for your onions. You can, therefore, contact us now to determine the optimal conditions or for any further questions. Would you like to be kept informed of all the latest developments regarding the storage of onions with Controlled Atmosphere? Then you can register below so that you are always kept up to date.

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