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About us

Van Amerongen specialises in CA/ULO technology for storing fruit and vegetables. Worldwide, Van Amerongen is active in over 50 countries, on all continents, via an extensive network of agents and distributors. Van Amerongen has offices in The Netherlands, Poland, India, Chile and Australia.

Storage expertise

Van Amerongen has been around over 40 years and has a broad depth of knowledge regarding the storage of fruit and vegetables. We also have close ties with a range of scientific institutions within the field of storage.

Extensive experience

Van Amerongen has been conditioning small and large cool cells across the world for over 40 years; we therefore have vast experience with setting up and constructing CA/ULO storage facilities.


A substantial part of our operations incorporates the development of new storage solutions and equipment, based on the very latest scientific insights. You can be sure of the latest techniques with Van Amerongen. We also continuously work on improving the energy-efficiency and sustainability of our equipment.


Equipment from Van Amerongen has been developed with the aim of keeping energy usage as low as possible. This is vital as energy prices are rising quickly and a competitor’s ‘very cheap’ system could turn out to be extremely expensive if energy consumption is taken into account.


Van Amerongen only uses the best parts in its devices. Sound German pumps, the best active carbon and reliable electronics. The equipment can then last for 15-20 years without any major problems.

Low maintenance

Our equipment is very low maintenance and one of our machines will usually only require limited maintenance every 2,000 or so hours. The fact that we work with low pressure and oil-free pumps means that wear and tear is kept to a minimum. This also ultimately contributes towards cost savings. 

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