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Plum storage

Worldwide, China is the largest plum producer in the world with 6,801,187 tonnes production per year. Romania comes second with 842,132 tonnes yearly production. With 430,199 tonnes of production per year, Serbia is the third largest producer of plum. And the United Kingdom, with 8,680 tonnes of production per year is ranked at 55.

(CA) Controlled atmosphere / (ULO) Ultra low oxygen storage of plums

The period to keep plums fresh is limited. They can be stored around the freezing point, at the highest possible relative humidity. Controlled Atmosphere has positive effects on the storability of plumss; lowering the oxygen content to a level of 1 to 3% increases the retention of firmness. Too low oxygen concentrations (<1%) may lead to taste defects and pitting. Plums respond positively to an increased carbon dioxide content (5-8%)t; less rotting occurs and the fruit keeps a fresher, better appearance.  

The susceptibility to Chilling Injury (CI) s variable and dependent on the cultivar considered. But most plum cultivars are susceptible to CO symptoms when stored at 2-8 degrees.

Pallet storage with plastic hoses

Plums are often stored in plastic hoses, in which the air composition is controlled with a controlled atmosphere system (Palliflex). Up to 400 pallets can be controlled separately with a single control system; air compostion per pallet can be managed, which offers great advantages for the storage of all types of soft fruit. 

Controlled atmosphere storage is also applied during transportation of cherries, particularly in long-distance.

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