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Storing fruit on pallets

Every type of fruit requires a specific O2 and CO2 concentration for the very best storage. This sets high demands on your climate system. You certainly don’t want the conditions in pallets disrupted if you disconnect some of the other pallets. Storage per pallet means that you can distribute parts of the stock, without the storage conditions of other units being disrupted. This minimises product losses and allows you to capitalise flexibly on the market and maximise your margins. 

Palliflex400 is Van Amerongen’s pallet storage systems. Palliflex400 is perfectly suitable for storing soft and small fruit and a range of vegetables.

Advantages of storage per pallet:

  • set gas conditions per pallet
  • no migration of mould spores and aromatics
  • no exchange of CO2 or O2 when (dis)connecting units

The system

The Palliflex unit comprises a cover and a special plastic pallet on which the product crates or packing cases can be placed. A gastight, transparent cover is pulled over the product. The sizes of the cover are 1.0 m (L) x 1.2 m (W) and up to 2-5 meters in height, depending on the product/package. maximum of 4.5 m high, is then placed on top of this. Up to a ton of product can then be stored within. Several times a day, the system measures the gas conditions in the cover and corrects them if necessary with CO2, N2 or air. CO2 comes from gas bottles and N2 and O2 from a scrubber that makes nitrogen from (outdoor) air. 

Flexible & modular

Palliflex400 is a modular system, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 400 units. The system can easily be extended. Palliflex 400 is equipped with max. 4 My Fruit measuring circuits that can each serve 100 covers.

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