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Service is the key

Customers who choose to invest in Van Amerongen, can rely on Van Amerongen.

We monitor and analyze projects and together with scientific institutes, like the WUR, we use the data to keep improving our storage protocols.

Service goes beyond commissioning projects and updating storage protocols. We care for our customers, and we understand that bad surprises in the beginning of the storage season can lead to unexpected and costly maintenance during this busy time of the year. Of course, our service department is always available and ready to help you solve any issues.

With our VA Service subscription, you are ensured of optimal functionality of your installation. It provides you an annual maintenance check-up between November and April during the storage season. The installations will be tested, checked and repaired if necessary. This way, you can start each storage season knowing your installation works in the best way possible.

About the My Fruit operating system

In today’s digital era, everyone realizes that software & data are vulnerable to external influences such as blackouts, viruses or hardware crashes. This is reason enough to protect the My Fruit operating system and its data by creating a safe environment. To implement and guarantee this, we offer the My Fruit Digital Data Service (DDS). For more information about DDS, please check the DDS brochure or contact us at


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