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Controlled Atmosphere

Vegetables and fruits respire; they take in oxygen (O 2 ) and give off carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). The storage of fruit and vegetables in a gas-tight environment allows the oxygen level in the air to be lowered and the level of CO 2 to increase. Long-term storage of vegetables and fruit actually involves inhibiting the ripening and aging processes, thus retaining flavor and quality. Ripening has, in fact, been postponed. This occurs as a result of modifying the gas conditions in the cool cell so that the respiration of fruit and vegetables is reduced.

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) is a storage technique whereby the level of oxygen is reduced and CO 2 is increased. Quality and the freshness of fruit andvegetables are retained under Controlled Atmosphere conditions without the use of any chemicals. Under CA conditions, many products can be stored for 2 to 4 times longer than usual.

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