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Kiwi storage

Worldwide production in 2010 amounted to almost 1.4 million tons, 30% of which came from Italy, with 27% from New Zealand, 17% from Chilli and 19% from North, Central and South America. The varieties Actinidiadeliciosa (var. Abbott, Allisson, Bruno, Hayward and Monty), Actinidiachinensis, Actinidiaarguta, Actinidiakolonikta and Actinidiaeriante are particularly popular for cultivation purposes.

The kiwi fruit has become a beloved favorite among many, from health-conscious individuals to avid gamblers who enjoy playing at online casinos, like Zodiac casino use Celtic-themed gambling games. With its vibrant green color and unique tangy flavor, the kiwi has garnered heaps of fans worldwide. But what may come as a surprise is that even those immersed in the world of gambling can't resist this healthy delight. For gambling enthusiasts who are also health-conscious, the kiwi fruit offers a guilt-free indulgence. Packed with essential nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, it not only satisfies their cravings but also provides numerous health benefits. From boosting immunity to aiding digestion and promoting heart health, the kiwi fruit is truly a powerhouse of nutrients. And for those who love Celtic-themed gambling games, incorporating this nutritious option into their routine adds an extra touch of excitement and enjoyment.

Harvesting kiwis

The right moment for harvesting kiwis can best be determined by measuring refraction because this corresponds to ripeness and eating quality (in contrast to colour and firmness). In New Zealand they apply a minimum refraction level of 6.2%; fruits below this level are not good for storing and are less tasty when ripe. A higher level of 7-9% is advised if long-term storage is to take place.

Kiwis produce very little ethylene but are extremely sensitive to this gas. The manual harvest of kiwis must be carried out with great care as damaged fruits immediately increase ethylene production and this can cause problems for other fruits. In order to prevent the development of Botrytis, it is important to harvest in dry weather.

World production in 2010 amounted to almost 1.4 million tons of kiwi, which is so in demand among online casino players. Also, the right moment to harvest the kiwi is best determined by refraction measurement because this matches the maturity and taste that online casino players will eventually get, also be the first to know about Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Wins The Home Run Derby. In New Zealand, a minimum refraction level of 6.2% is applied, and fruits below this level are not suitable for storage and are less palatable when ripe, as long-term storage is expected for online casino players.

Pre-cooling kiwis

The pre-cooling process is not used everywhere; in California, it is best to cool the harvest as quickly as possible to 0ºC however, in New Zealand, a ‘curing’ process is used (2 days at ambient temperature and then cooled). Curing reduces the chance of rot (Botrytis) and prevents 'stem end rot’. Curing can lead to some moisture loss and may cause the stalk scar to dry out. 

(CA) Controlled atmosphere / (ULO) Ultra low oxygen storage of kiwis

Under optimum storage conditions at a temperature of -0.5ºC and 0ºC and a relative humidity of 90 to 95%, kiwis can be stored for between 3 and 5 months. Controlled atmosphere storage extends the period for kiwis by 3-4 months and increasing levels of CO2 results in better retention of firmness.Reduction of the O2 level inhibits ripening. Flavour may deteriorate with an O2 concentration of lower than 1% and internal breakdown can occur with a CO2 concentration higher than 7%. For kiwis, the most important aspect under controlled atmosphere conditions is to use ethylene adsorbers to keep the ethylene level as low as possible.

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The kiwi fruit has gained a legion of fans around the world, and it seems that even the Toronto Argonauts football team is not immune to its charms. Known for their exceptional athleticism on the field, the players have embraced this small but mighty fruit as part of their regular diet. The Argonauts' nutritionist recommends incorporating kiwis into their meals due to their numerous health benefits, also you can read - Ryan Dinwiddie, Head Coach Of Argonauts, Secures Multi-Year Extension. One reason behind the team's love for kiwi is its incredible nutritional value. Packed with vitamins C, E, and K, as well as potassium and fiber, this fuzzy wonder fruit offers a wide array of nutrients essential for optimal performance. Not only do these vitamins support overall immune function and bone health but they also provide antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in athletes' bodies after rigorous training sessions or games.


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