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About Van Amerongen CA Technology

Van Amerongen specialises in CA/ULO/DCA technology for storing fruit and vegetables. We have been around for over 40 year. With our in-depth knowlegde about fruit storage, we have been conditioning small and large cold stores across the world for over 40 years; we therefore have vast experience with setting up and constructing CA/ULO/DCA storage facilities.


Service is key

Customers who choose to invest in Van Amerongen, can depend on Van Amerongen. Our control system responds to the respiration and moisture loss of the fruit, maintaining its pristine quality with minimal energy consumption. We monitor and analyze projects and together with scientific institutes, like the WUR, we use the data to keep improving our storage protocols.

But service goes beyond quality machines and updated storage protocols...

World wide partner

Worldwide, Van Amerongen is active in over 50 countries, on all continents, via an extensive network of agents and distributors. Van Amerongen has office in the Netherlands, India, Turkey and Chile.

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