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Research packages

Why testing the storability of your product?

Applied research is very important for every company that wants to invest in technology/storage facilities for fruits and the right training/education for employees who are responsible for running the storage facility. Regular quality checks, firmness - Brix - taste - appearance - odor - etc, give information about the fruit at the current stage. This information will be used to improve or maintain storage/handling protocols for that specific fruit.
The research package allows you to determine the optimal storage conditions for your own fruits and prolong their shelf-life. As we know, the environment such as climate, soil & water conditions varies from region to region and can influence your fruits ‘performance a lot!
It is essential to do applied research on-site on your own fruits to understand their behaviors during storage better. These insights will enable you to make informed decisions that reduce losses in the chain and generate added value for your products. It also strengthens your company’s market position because products with high quality and longer shelf-life are suitable for a range of domestic and export channels and generate more revenue.  

The solutions we can offer :

  • CA cabinets
  • CA containers
  • Flex Max units
  • Flex Mini units
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