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Want to know the basic principles and commercial application key points of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage technology for fruits and vegetables? Watch the Van Amerongen webinar to find out how we are helping growers around the world fight fruit waste with CA technology!

By constantly expanding new knowledge in the field, improving innovative products and developing state-of-the-art CA storage solutions, our CA technology continues to develop and is about to enter The Next Level! The most valuable key information is locked and loaded in our webinar. If you are interested in expanding your premium CA storage business, the knowledge we share will protect you and help you make the best choices when investing in storage projects.

This Webinar will guide you through the display of high-tech CA equipment, IoT sensors, "My Fruit" all-in-one automatic management system, ACR dynamic CA technology, CA experimental equipment solutions and the latest research and development of dynamic products. Learn in 25 minutes how high-quality fruit is monitored and protected in real-time in all aspects of the VA controlled atmosphere storage. You are hereby invited to join us in our shared mission to fight food waste together!


  •           Introduction
  •           What is CA storage?
  •           CA rooms
  •           cooling
  •           flexible storage
  •           CA equipment
  •           My Fruit control system
  •           ACR (Dynamic CA Storage)
  •           Research & development
  •           Innovation 


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